I'm trying to create a multifield solver demonstration of induction heat expansion of a part followed by shrink fit onto a shaft after the part cools. I want to use 117 because ultimately I anticipate they will want to model general 3D geometry + iron.

My model consistently gives me an error message when I try to solve:

Offset 2 out-off-bounds.

When I use SOLID97, it runs fine. But I want to use 117 because of possible material interface issue.

Is there anything I can do to work around the problem?

If any element type besides SOLID117 is active when the emag solution is attempted, it will fail. SOLID117 cannot be used with any other element types. Check the element type assigned to each field carefully. You may have a non-SOLID117 element type that is not prevented from being used during the emag solution (the element type may not be assigned to a non-emag field and so is available in the emag calculation, thus causing the error).

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