Is it possible to encrypt and use ULIB files the same way Ansys can encrypt and use macro files?

This is not a supported capability but I did a simple test and it does seem to be possible. Basically
I encrypted each macro into an individual file and created the ulib file by inserting the entire contents
of the encrypted file after the ulib block name and following the encrypted file contents with a /EOF.

Here is the first job file I ran in ANSYS 9.0 via /input :

/com, nlist
/com, elist

This produced file nb1 and eb2. I used the contents of these two files and created a ULIB file as follows:

nb1 ! I typed in this block name and then inserted the file nb1 after it
/eof ! I inserted this too then repeated the editing steps for the second macro file

I then renamed the nb1 and eb2 files to be sure I was accessing the ulib macro blocks and it worked for me.

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