I can't figure out how to set the turbulent Prandtl number for energy. I know that in CFX-5.6 one could do this
by setting an expert parameter, but this does not seem to work in ANSYS CFX 10 or CFX-5.7.

The expert parameter for setting the turbulent Prandtl number was discontinued after CFX-5.6. In later releases,
this is considered to be a beta feature and you must edit the CCL file directly:

1. Use cfx5cmds to extract the CCL content of the definition file to a text file
2. Edit the CCL file content under the HEAT TRANSFER MODEL: object to add a TURBULENT FLUX CLOSURE: object
as shown below:

Option = Thermal Energy
Option = Eddy Diffusivity
Turbulent Prandtl Number = 1.0

3. Use cfx5cmds to write the modified CCl file back to the definition or results file and then run the model.

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