I've been using BladeGen/BladeGen+ in the past, and have recently upgraded to a BladeModeler and CFX-Flow License. What would be the proper procedure for getting an existing BladeGen design into DesignModeler and setting it up in CFX-Mesh? Workbench Start page gives me a "button" for "Blade Geometry" i.e. BladeGen, but not specifically BladeModeler and there is no reference anywhere to BladeEditor.

The following procedure will walk you through how to launch BladeGen 10.0, import it into DesignModeler, and open the model in CFX-Mesh.

1) Start Wrokbench and in the Start page select `Blade Geometry`, which will launch BladeGen 10.0 - almost identical to the BladeGen you are used to but in the Workbench environment. Make your blade here (or import existing geometries you created in BG 4.1) and when you are ready, save the .bgd file. Be sure to set the units under Model > Properties before saving.

2) Next click the Project Tab in Workbench.

3) On the left hand side, the top option is Create DesignModeler Geometry. Underneath this, click the text New geometry.

4) This opens DesignModeler. When prompted, select the same units you selected for your blade geometry in BladeGen.

5) You should have a Blade Editor icon on the toolbar. If not click Tools > Add Ins, select BladeEditor and check both `Load on Startup` and `Loaded` and click apply. If the icon does not appear, click the small x on the DesignModeler tab to close it, and go back to step 3.

6) Click on the Blade Editor icon in the toolbar. By default, the .bgd file open in the BladeGen tab will be selected. Click Open.

7) Modify the Details of the Import as needed, and click the Generate icon (the lightning bolt).

8) This should give you two solids - one for the solid domain and one for the fluid domain.

9) Suppress the solid domain, and save the file.

10) Click on the Project tab, and under DesignModeler Tasks, select Generate CFX Mesh. This will open the fluid domain in CFX mesh. Setup required regions and meshing parameters and generate a mesh. The resulting gtm file can be taken directly in the CFX solver.

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