What are your recommendations for running a 4 million dof model with PPFA
on a machine with 8 Gb of RAM and 8 processors. Specifically,

1) How much memory is required?
2) Should we be using the AMG solver?
3) What workspace settings do you recommend?
4) When should we use the -f (no grow) command line option?

Since each model is different, development recommendeds a trial and error approach
using a single load step static analysis. See how the analysis runs on 2 4 6 and 8 CPUS.
That will identify any model/system specific problems. You should look at the
file0.PCS file from the Dansys runs. Compare single CPU runs with a couple parallel ones.

Here are answers to your specific questions:

1) 4 million dof should require about 4 Gb of memory.

2) The AMG solver is a shared memory solver, not a true parallel solver
that uses DANSYS. DPCG is recommended if you have PPFA.

3) -m 5000 -db 512 (Initial total workspace and workspace for database.)

4) The -f option is not recommended.

Only real memory should be used.

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