After working in CFX-Mesh on Windows XP for some time I get an error message which shuts down ANSYS Workbench.
The message is a windows error message:
"AnsysWB Module has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

A Windows error popup window should also report some details about the error such as the application name and the module name, eg:
AppName: ansyswbu.exe, ModName: cfxgfxu.dll
If the module name is cfxgfxu.dll then an error has occurred in the graphics library.
We recommend you turn down your hardware acceleration settings.
Bring up the display properties with a right mouse click in the display area and select: Settings/Advanced/Troubleshooting
For Windows XP we recommend turning the acceleration down to notch 3 (from the left)

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