How can I use an inputfile for an ICEM script?

In the replay file use the following lines
set inputfile [open "input.dat"]
set lineNumber 0
gets $inputfile nrcells_edge1
gets $inputfile nrcells_edge2
close $inputfile
ic_mess "nrcells_edge1: $nrcells_edge1 n" red
ic_mess "nrcells_edge2: $nrcells_edge2 n" red

These will open the file input.dat, read the two first lines and place the value in the variables of nrcells_edge1 and nrcells_edge2, respectively. To refer to the variables in the script use: $nrcells_edge1 and $nrcells_edge2. The latter two lines will print the value in the message window.

The lines in input.dat should be:

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