Do you have an example of transient simulation of fluid draining out of the bottom of a vessel with a hole in the bottom?

We do have a very simple 2D transient example of liquid draining from a tank that we do as a tutorial in the multiphase course. It does illustrate some of the key features- i.e., how to set-up the initial and boundary conditions and how to treat the hydrostatic head.

Attached is the powerpoint for that tutorial along with an animation and various CFX files related to the problem set-up zipped up in a single file.

There is an example of liquid draining from a container (something similar) in the CFX Multiphase training notes.

We have done many applications involving molten metals ` molten metal + convection + conjugate heat transfer is OK. Adding radiation to the mix would be tricky w.r.t convergence.

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