Can I simulate noise in ANSYS 10?

Yes, in ANSYS 10 you have two options for simulating noise:

1) Export of noise sources to an external noise code or
2) Calculate the near field noise from a transient simulation.

I expand on each of these below:
1) To export noise sources goto Output control -> export -> Add new item. Give the export results a name. Choose Surface data. Export format CGNS. Choose Export frequency. Create the export surface e.g. a blade in a turbomachine. Under option select acoustic dipole and then select the output boundary list.
Using this method, acoustic dipole are exported in CGNS format which can be imported in e.g. LMSysnoise

2) The near field noise can be calculated from a transient simulation. In ANSYS10 the user should specify a monitor point where the near field noise is to be calculated. From this a statistical energy analysis can be carried out in order to calculate the sound pressure level. The latter can not be done in CFX, but has to be carried out in an external program.

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