I have exported an Iges file from CFX 4.4. I then get an error message when trying to import an Iges file into ICEM 10.0.
It says it needs a "tetin" file (which is not created during the export in CFX4.4). The message from ICEM is:

"C:/Program Files/Ansys Inc/v100/icemcfd/win/dif/iges/igestotin"
"F:/RCI-Pfaudler/cfx4/geometry/RCI.igs.01" "./RCI.igs.tin"
ICEM CFD - EDS based IGES/STEP Reader 10.0 (Build
Parasolid Kernel Version 17.0 (Build 129)
Copyright (C) 2002-2005 Ansys Inc./ICEM CFD Engineering
Translation failed.
Unknown error
child process exited abnormally
Tetin file ./RCI.igs.tin does not exist

The error message you are getting from Icem CFD is caused by the fact that you have the extension .igs.01 (which comes from Build).
If you delete the .01 then it imports into ICEM ok.

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