Customer has 1 seat of ANSYS LS-DYNA 9.0 and runs on a Linux machine.
Every time he tries to run our sample vme1.out, he gets an error that the license is already in use.
He is the only user. All licenses are available when he starts ANSYS LS-DYNA from the launcher. He then reads the input and gets the error.
Why is ANSYS attempting to check out an additional license?

This appears to be a bug with ANSYS LS-DYNA 9.0 on the Linux Opteron platform (linop64). Customers with a single LS-DYNA task running ANSYS LS-DYNA 9.0 on a Linux Opteron client will have to create the .k file in ANSYS, exit ANSYS, and solve using the "lsdyna90 pr=<lic> i=<.k file>" script.

This defect is fixed at ANSYS 10.0.

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