How to create animations in FLUENT while running the session in batch mode?

In FLUENT one can create animations various ways. A solution-229 explains the number of ways to do that. However, what is the way one can create animations when FLUENT is run in batch mode?

One can create animation in batch run. This is possible through execute commands. What one needs to do is to save the image files (either in jpg or in tiff) format.

To generate animations one needs to use the following command on the console window for running FLUENT in batch mode:-

fluent 2ddp -gu -driver null -i batch.jou > & outputfile &

The above command fires a 2ddp fluent version in non-GUI (batch) mode. The -driver null is the most important command in this case. The batch.jou file contains the commands that are to be executed. The outputfile carries all the transcript listing.

The execute commands will look like the following:-

display set hardcopy drive tiff

disp set hc color color

disp set hc landscape? yes

disp set con filled contours? yes

disp set cont node yes

disp set-window 1

disp view restore-view inlet-pressure-view

disp con pressure 101325 1400000

disp hc pressure-inlet%t.tif

The first command sets the hardcopy drivers and sets the hardcopy image type to tiff. The second options sets it as colour. The subsequent command add more attributes for the image. The frequency of execution of these commands can be set in FLUENT.

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