I have a geometry that I am trying to mesh in CFX-Mesh. The largest dimension in my model is on the order of 5000 in model units, but
I have small faces with edge lengths on the order of 1 which I would like to resolve. I can create a surface mesh which appears to resolve the small faces well, but when I try to create a volume mesh, I get an error message which says that the surface mesh is intersecting.

What can be done?

You can run into some issues in CFX-Mesh when the size of the model reaches several thousands in model units and there are small features that you wish to resolve. One approach would be to scale the original geometry in a Body Operation in DesignModler (say by a factor of 1/10 to start with) and then update the model geometry and reset your mesh size settings in CFX-Mesh. You may then find that you are able to create a volume mesh.

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