I have heard that it is possible to set up and run a MHD problem in ANSYS CFX 10.0 to include Ohmic heating (in a conducting solid, for example) but I don't know how to do it. What steps should I follow?

Setting up and solving certain electromagnetic problems can be done as a beta feature in ANSYS CFX 10.0. There are customization files and scripts which will allow you to set up a MHD problem from the CFX-Pre GUI.

The attached zip file should be unzipped in the desired working directory. On Windows, you can run the .bat file contained in the zip file from the CFX command prompt (you'll need to edit the first line to set the correct directory for the MHD customization files).
On Unix or Linux, you should run the corresponding script file cfx5pre_mhd. This batch or script file will open a special session of Pre which will allow you to included a model for the electric and magnetic fields in fluid and solid domains.

You can then also set boundary conditions for voltage, say, at a wall, interface, or other boundary. You will also be able to define electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability for fluid and solid materials.

Once your problem is set-up, exit CFX-Pre and return to the same CFX command prompt you used to run the batch file. Then start the solver manager by typing cfx5solve.

When you define the run, you need to include a the following ccl file, mhd_rules.ccl, in the solver run arguments under the `Solver` tab, as follows:

-ccl mhd_rules.ccl

A sample definition and output file are also attached.

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