CFX-Mesh gives the following error on Linux running Redhat Enterprise Workstation 4:

Storage allocation failed
Number of words requested = 18000
No. bytes/word = 8
Array = tr_src
Current memory allocated = 954212 bytes
Maximum memory allocated = 954212 bytes

The mesh generation program was unable to allocate enough memory.
That is memory that can be grabbed by a 'malloc' statement. In general
this will be a machine dependent combination of available real memory
and swap space. If in doubt, contact your systems administrator.

You will either need to:-

(1) Increase the size of the available hardware:

(a) Run on a machine that has more memory/swap space. OR

(b) You may be able to run the problem on this machine when there
are fewer processes running on it.

(2) Reduce the size of the problem.


Workbench 10.0 will not run on Redhat Enterprise Workstation 4. From experience we know it is OK on Redhat 8 and 9 and Redhat Enterprise 3, as well as the officially-supported Redhat 7.3. In fact the online documentation refers to these more recent versions as there are actions to be taken (see "Installation and Configuration Guides | ANSYS Workbench Products UNIX Installation and Configuration Guide |"). This is reproduced below:

1.3.3. Linux
For Linux systems, you will need the following:

Korn shell: pdksh
inetd: xinetd
rsh server: rsh
Telnet server: telnet-server
OpenGL Library: XFree86
OpenGL Library: XFree86-devel

You will need the correct GNU C library for your platform:

Red Hat Linux 7.3: Version 2.2.5-34
Red Hat Linux 8.0: Version 2.2.93-5
Red Hat Linux 9: Version 2.3.2-27.9 or higher
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 (ES, AS, and WS): Version 2.3.2-95.3 or higher
SuSE Linux EnterpriseServer 8: Version 2.2.5-164

If running Red Hat Linux 9, set the following environment variable:
setenv LD_ASSUME_KERNEL 2.4.1

If running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, set the following before installing and running ANSYS Workbench (csh only):
unlimit stacksize

If running SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 8, you need to use MesaSoft-OpenGL version 4.0.3-70.

You also need to set the depth of the root window to 24 bit plane or above.

If you find ANSYS Workbench unstable, we recommend that you download the most recent graphics driver for your system as well.
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