Customer gets the following error when installing ANSYS 10.0 on Windows XP 64-bit system:

This installation of Ansys 10.0 requires an Itanium System.

Why is he unable to run the setup?

The customer was trying to install ANSYS 10.0 on an EM64T (x64) machine.
Applications written for the Itanium processor will not run on an EM64T system.
Currently ANSYS only supports Windows 64-bit Edition for Itanium systems and so the ANSYS Win64 CD will not install on EM64T.

The customer can install 32-bit ANSYS on an EM64T Windows machine and ANSYS will run fine.
However, since it is a 32-bit application, it will not recognize the 64-bit extensions of EM64T.
This requires an entire new port of ANSYS for Windows x64, which will be available in the ANSYS 10.0 service pack due to be released in January.

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