Is there a way to release all moments at the end of beam 188?

You could utilize a macro to create the new node and couples. A possible
macro could look like this.

! macro file named bmomrel
! macro to remove all moment transfers from a node of a beam 188
! or similar element
! arg1 is the element number
! arg2 is the node number to have the moment transfer removed
! assumptions - no nodes to be copied have non-zero rotation angles
! - only data validity check is that node is on element as I or J
ar21=ar21+1 ! new node number
/com, ERROR Node entered is not a beam end node.


To use it on your model and assuming you want to operate on element number 6 at node number 15
and then repeat for the other elements with the corresponding node number. You may be able to
simplifiy it more based on your model.


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