Is the order in which fields are imported relevant in the MFS?

In ANSYS, Release 10.0, the field order is relevant if the MFIMPORT command is used to import the field information and one of the fields is a fluid field containing FLOTRAN elements. Material property number 1 must be assigned to FLOTRAN elements. The MFIMPORT command sequentially increments the element attribute numbers for each imported field. The fluid field containing FLOTRAN elements must be imported last to ensure that the FLOTRAN elements are assigned material type 1.

For example:

mfimport,4,db,struc,cdb ! import structural model (field 4)
mfimport,3,db,therm,cdb ! import thermal model (field 3)
mfimport,2,db,elec,cdb ! import electric model (field 2)
mfimport,1,db,fluid,cdb ! import fluid model (field 1)

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