Why can't I open a Simulation database that contains a command object in ANSYS 10.0?

This database was corrupted by the presence of command snippet.
This error was previously reported and fixed in SP1 under defect 39719.
The defect description and possible workarounds are given below.

Upon a save of a 10.0 database with commands objects and found results parameters
in the command object text (matching the Output Search Prefix), there will be a conflict
of resumed data causing an application crash. There will be databases, saved from 10.0
version, that will not be resumable in 10.0 or any future version of WB. After extensive
review there is nothing that can be done do repair these databases.

The resume logic has been fixed to address this issue for 10.0 Service Pack 1 and all future
releases. This fix will allow databases to be saved and resumed properly in Service Pack 1 for 10.0
and future releases.

Several workarounds exist to ensure that corrupt databases are not created with 10.0:

1. User can ensure that no commands objects in the solution folder have an Output Search Prefix that matches any variables in the Commands text, thereby ensuring that the save/resume mismatch does not occur.

2. Commands object text can be exported to a text file and the Commands object deleted. This will also ensure that the mismatch does not occur.

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