FLUENT V6 - Possible cause and resolution for the message: "Warning: no x, y or z points specified in profile"

When reading a profile into FLUENT a warning message is displayed

Warning: no x, y or z points specified in profile
When reading profile files, FLUENT looks for the x, y and z coordinates in the profile files. These must have the name x, y and z. For example in the following profile file, the x, y and z coordinates have been specified as x12, y12 and z12 respectively. This will result in the warning message.

((inlet point 3)
0.0047751088 0.0052138137 0.0047336672
0 0 0
0.0052007971 0.0054938329 0.0046157464
-4552043 -3559288.2 -4642943.5

If you replace x12, y12 and z12 with x, y and z respectively, FLUENT will be able to read them properly. Simply edit the profile file in a text editor and make the appropriate changes.

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