How can cameras be defined in CFX-Post session files? The definition of quaternions used in CFX-Post cameras is not obvious.

2 possible solutions are:

1) Use CFX-Post GUI to define the cameras and write the cameras to a state or session file, so that the CCL for the desired cameras
can be used in other session files.
2) Do not use the quaternion to define the camera, but the Rotation option, as follows:
To use it, the camera option need to be set to "Pivot Point and Rotation", not "Pivot Point and Quaternion".
The Rotation are three angles about the global XYZ axes, where the default orientation is looking at -Z direction with Y pointing up (Rotation = 0, 0, 0).
E.g. -X view would then be: Rotation = -90, -90, 0 etc.

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