I would like to make a configuration study with small changes in geometry using DesignModeler and CFX-Mesh.
The changes are limited to modifications of lengths/angles so that the number of faces is kept constant and the topology not modified.
In order to keep track of all our configurations, we would like to have a consistent file system with one directory for each configuration containing the geometry file and the mesh file (optionally the CFX files). All the files related to configuration 1 are stored in Directory1 (Configuration1.wbdb, Geometry1.agdb, Mesh1.cmdb, Mesh1.cmdat). Directory2 contains the files for configuration 2: Configuration1.wbdb, Geometry2.agdb, Mesh2.cmdb, Mesh2.cmdat.

How can we re-use the mesh settings of configuration 1 for configuration 2 in order to avoid starting from scratch again ?

If you have a set of mesh controls which you are happy with and want to use it on another geometry/workbench project (i.e. not importing the geometry into the first project) here are some suggestions as to what you could do:

i) If you have project1, say, saved so that the mesh files you need to transfer are project1.cmdb and project1.cmdat.

ii) Create a new project with the new geometry, project2.agdb.

iii) Create a new CFX-Mesh session and save it to project2.

iv) Save the whole project and Close.

v) Open project2.wbdb as a text file (in word or Wordpad).

vi) Change the name (or path) for cmdb and cmdat to be project1.

vii) Save file.

When the project is re-opened the mesh controls of project1 will be applied to the geometry of project2.

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