POLYDATA - Finite element interpolation for velocity in POLYFLOW?

What finite element interpolation is recommended for the velocity field in POLYFLOW?
Usually, the following recommendations are made:
MST calculations:
- 2D without slip: quadratic velocity with linear pressure;
- 3D without slip: mini element with constant pressure;
- 2D and 3D MST calculation with slip: linear element with constant pressure;
Contact simulations:
- 3D: linear element with constant pressure
- 2D: linear element with constant pressure (has some advantages over the quadratic element)
- 2D: quadratic element
- 3D: mini element with linear pressure
- 2D/3D when using the simplified viscoelastic model, linear element with constant pressure is selected by default.
Those are empirical recommendations, i.e. based on the performances of some tests. It is possible that another interpolation provides better results in some situations.

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