How to export multiplock meshes from ICEM CFD? User met problems when writing a multiblock mesh out to a multiblock solver. Sometimes the output faild or undesired blocks are written out.

1. The conversion from pre-mesh to multiblock mesh must be redone after every change in the pre-mesh, especially when activating/de-activating volume parts.
2. Additionally, the project should be saved after conversion and then all files domain.* deleted in his project directory. This simplifies the selection of the domains for the output, because a Multiblock mesh is saved twice: First, after conversion, the files domain.1, .. domain.n are generated and, second, when saving the project or using the multiblock output, those files are saved again under the names <project-name>.domain.1, .. <project-name>.domain.n. When selecting the domains for the output, the user easily selects "all" domain files instead of selecting each single domain and hence gets them twice. This leads to an output failure. Deleting all files domain.* before will avoid this issue.

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