I would like to know the format for adding hosts to the hosts.ccl file. My hosts.ccl file currently only contains the one host and I am not sure how to add another.
If you have an example file this would help.

The hosts.ccl file is in the directory <CFXROOT>/config where <CFXROOT> is the full pathname of your ANSYS CFX 10 installation. When you install ANSYS CFX 10 the machine that you are installing the software on is automatically added to the hosts.ccl file which is why you see one host in that file initially.

There are several ways to add new hosts:

1) You can use the Solver Manager - select Define Run and then set Run Mode to one of the parallel options. This gives you a set of buttons on the RH side of the Parallel Environment section of the Solver Manager. The top button allows you to add new hosts, the second button allows you to edit the details of a selected host, the next two buttons allow you to add or subtract partititions for a particular host.

2) You can use the cfx5parhosts command which is in the <CFXROOT>/bin directory. The allowed arguments for this command are described in the ANSYS CFX Products Installation and Configuration Guide which is supplied with the ANSYS CFX 10 software; see page 39.

3) You can manually edit the hosts.ccl file. The format of this file is described on page 36 of the ANSYS CFX Products Installation and Configuration Guide and an example is listed there.

It is important to remember that no spaces are allowed in the definition of the Installation Root field in the hosts.ccl file. On Windows platforms if you installed the ANSYS CFX 10 software in the default directory then the Installation Root field would be c:Program FilesANSYS IncCFXCFX-10.0; the equivalent DOS name for this directory - c:Progra~1ANSYSI~1CFXCFX-10.0 - must be used instead in hosts.ccl.

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