The customer has installed the x64 version of ANSYS 10.0 sp1 and is getting the following error when trying to use the LMTOOLS Utility:

Unable to start FLEXlm LMTOOLS Utility...
A working version of the FLEXlm LMTOOLS Utility is not available for this hardware platform at FLEXlm Version 10.8.

Why is he getting this error?

The LMTOOLS error occurs because Macrovision did not provide an x64 port of the LMTOOLS executable. Since the 32-bit version accesses the 32-bit registry, it cannot create/stop/start the x64 license manager. For this reason, we do not include any version of LMTOOLS with the licensing install and suggest that customers use the ANSLIC_ADMIN utility for all licensing actions on x64.

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