Sometimes when I transfer my geometry from Design Modeller to CFX-Mesh it takes a very long time to appear. With some models, in the end CFX-Mesh just crashes.

Usually, this problem is caused by overlapping solids in your DM geometry. Overlapping solids are not allowed in CFX mesh as meshing is done essentially on a solid-by-solid basis... and this would mean meshes overlapping in space. So what CFX mesh does when you try to open such a geometry is to look for the overlapping, and correct it by subtracting solids from each other. If the overlap is simple, it will take some time but should work. The trouble is, if there is a certain level of nesting, with several inner/outer solids and the main solid, it takes a long time trying to work it all out and then fails. A simple body Slice operation in DM to achieve something similar would also give a failure.
The solution then is to pre-prepare the geometry in DM. Subtract the smaller (inner?) solids from the main solid so it has holes or a void in it, using a cut or Slice body operation. Then, if you want shared boundaries, put the solids in the same Part by selecting them on the tree, and clicking Tools/Form New Part. Sometimes, just putting the bodies in the same part is enough. CFX mesh should then have no need to try such operations itself and then transfer the geometry more quickly, and more successfully too.

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