Even though I'm plotting meridional contour plots, the meridional legend still comes up as a smeared color legend. I can't make the color bands discrete. This makes it hard to match up the color bands on the legend with the bands on the contour plot correctly.

Q: Also, the legend doesn't respond to how many contours I have in my contour plot. I have to make a point to set the number of tics to match the contours.

Full control of turbo plots can be restored by promoting them out of the turbo mode to the general mode. You can promote your meridional contour plot to general mode by right clicking on it in the turbo viewer and selecting "Promote to General" This will allow you to control the meridional plot the way you do a normal contour plot.

A: In general mode, under the Objects tab, turn off the meridional legend and turn on the Default legend to get a legend that responds to the number of ticks in the contour plot. It will also show discrete color bands as usual.

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