How can I adjust the launcher100 and ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility font size on a Unix machine?

You can put the -fontsize option on the command that you use to start the ANSLIC_ADMIN utility or the launcher100.
Try starting with size of 12 (e.g., -fontsize 12), and then go up from there until you get the size that you want. (The default font size is 9.)

anslic_admin -fontsize 12

launcher100 -fontsize 12

If you are starting ANSLIC_ADMIN through the ANS_ADMIN utility, you should set the environment variable ANSLIC_ADMIN_ARGS environment variable to contain this information rather than putting it on the ANS_ADMIN command line. You should put it in double quotes. For example:

setenv ANSLIC_ADMIN_ARGS "-fontsize 11"

By the way, you can also use the ANSLIC_ADMIN_ARGS environment variable setting when you run ANSLIC_ADMIN directly. (You can do this instead of putting the -fontsize option on the command. You can do it either way when running it directly.)

If you started the launcher with the command `launcher100 -fontsize 11` and try to start the ANSLIC_ADMIN from within the Launcher with the large fonts, the ANSLIC_ADMIN will still show the normal font size if you don`t have the variable set.

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