When a user tries to borrow a license for Harvard Thermal Products, the Borrow utility states there are no licenses available to borrow.
The license key is correct with the borrowable features in it.
What causes this?

There was a problem with the current borrowing utility and the fix is to download the latest License Manager utilities from the following link:

<a target=_blank href="http://www.ansys.com/services/flexlm/LicenseInstall_win32_winx64_ia64.zip">http://www.ansys.com/services/flexlm/LicenseInstall_win32_winx64_ia64.zip</a>http://www.ansys.com/services/flexlm/LicenseInstall_win32_winx64_ia64.zip

Run the install on the machine that will be borrowing.
Say `No` to License Server and Say `Yes` to client.
This will update the utilities for borrowing.

After this is installed, the user should see the Harvard Thermal Products in the `ANSYS Borrow Utility`

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