The Ansys 10.0 Workbench plug-in menu is not available in OneSpace Designer 2005

- The plug-in for OneSpace Designer 2005 was selected during Workbench setup screen, but the plugin does not appear in OneSpace Designer.
- There may be no Add-Ins Tab under OneSpace Designer > Applications > Modules
- Or, there is no "Ansys 10.0" checkbox under OneSpace Designer > Applications > Modules > Add-Ins tab.

There was a known issue with OneSpace Designer 2005 v13.20 whereby third-party Add-Ins (Plug-ins) were not recognized when installed on a
non-English operating system or non-English OneSpace Designer installation.

The following workaround was for a specific problem in which the plugin did not
automatically install into a non-English Windows Operating Systems.
This may also help to install the plugin into a customized OSD installation.

From CoCreate:

By default, the Ansys Workbench installation places its .cfg file into :

C:Program FilesCoCreateOSD_Modeling_2005personalitysd_customizeAddinsAnsysDSPlugInOSDU.cfg

Alternatively, you can copy the file into into :

C:Program FilesCoCreateOSD_Modeling_2005personalityAddinsAnsysDSPlugInOSDU.cfg

This directory will not have the localization problem.

Please note that this is not an officially supported place to install
to and it does not comply with our customization-guidelines.
Please do not change your general installation code to install to this
directory, as it may not be supported with our next major release.

Note : Also see Ansys KB solution 441152 - OneSpace Designer Plug-in error : Activation of module ANSYS 10.0 failed. (.net initialization failed)

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