ANSYS TurboGrid 10 SP1 on an AMD Athlon 64 machine which has CENTOS Linux installed does not run. I get the following error message:

/home/cfx/cfxroot/TurboGrid-10.0/bin/linux/TGGui_ogl.exe: /home/cfx/cfxroot/TurboGrid-10.0/lib/linux/ version `GCC_3.3' not found (required by /usr/lib/

CFX-TurboGrid exited with return code 1

1. CENTOS is a clone of the officially certified (for CFX) Redhat Linux Enterprise 3
2. On a similar machine with Gentoo Linux installed, ANSYS TurboGrid 10 SP1 is running fine.

The following should resolve the problem with ANSYS TurboGrid 10 SP1 on your AMD Athlon 64 with CENTOS Linux:

1) Rename /home/cfx/cfxroot/TurboGrid-10.0/lib/linux/ to /home/cfx/cfxroot/TurboGrid-10.0/lib/linux/

2) Copy /lib64/ to /home/cfx/cfxroot/TurboGrid-10.0/lib/linux/

The problem is caused by the version of Linux that is installed.

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