I am running a case on a Linux Opteron system in CFX 10.0. I notice that the solver manager output file window lags behind the residual monitor output on during the run. The output file is not continuously refreshed, but instead several timesteps will be updated at once. This makes it difficult to stop a run at a given point or tell exactly which iteration it is on.

The solver manager output file display lagging behind the residual plots is a known problem on Opteron systems. It is the output file itself that is not refreshed continuously, not just the display of it in the Solver Manager window,

This is caused by a problem with the flush function on the V5.2 Portland compiler.

To fix the problem requires that Portland fix the bug in the compiler. As of CFX-10.0 SP1, the problem has yet to be resolved by the Portland Group.

The problem does not occur with the residuals and other information contained in the mon file, because C is used for the updating of the mon file whereas FORTRAN i/o is used for the output file.

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