Does ANSYS support the Puck Failure Criteria?

Not directly, but you can always create your own failure criteria, as noted in the

"User-written failure criteria may be specified via user subroutines
USRFC1 through USRFC6. These subroutines should be linked with the
ANSYS program beforehand; see the ANSYS Advanced Analysis Techniques
Guide for a brief description of user-programmable features."

However, the 3rd party code ESAComp 3.4 appears to support the Puck Failure Criteria
for both 2D and 3D and also supports ANSYS format, according to:

<a target=_blank href=""></a>

ANSYS Development was contacted concerning this algorithm and they noted that the
Puck model is more about fracture, progressive failure and matrix cracking. They
added that we may do this someday, too. Feature Request 45699 was filed to get
the Puck Failure Criteria implemented into a future version of the code.


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