CFX fails while running in parallel using MPICH with the following error:
p4_error: semget failed for setnum: 0

MPI uses semaphores to access shared memory areas and the error message means the CFX failed to get a semaphore.
This can happen if an earlier run has crashed and the shared memory segments were not cleared out.
You can check the shared memory segments with a unix command 'ipcs'.
You can clear the shared memory segments with the unix command 'ipcrm '

More information is available on the online help at:
Help->ANSYS: CFX Solver->Modelling->Using the solver in parallel->Message Passing Interface (MPI) for Parallel-> Common Problems
or alternatively use the help to search for 'ipcs'
We also provide a tool called 'cleanipcs' that does the same thing. This is normally located in the tools subdirectory of the CFX installation directory.

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