How to import measurement data into ANSYS CFX, to compare it with the calculated data?

You can import measured data by following the next steps, but it has to be at least three measurement values.

- load case in CFX-Pre

- define UserFunction:
- Interpolation Data Option: Three Dimensional
- Argument Units: [m],[m],[m]
- Result Units: [measured data unit]
- insert the data by hand or insert the data from a csv file by using left mouse button inside the data area
- activate options "Extend Min" und "Extend Max"

- define an Additional Variable:
- Type: Unspecified
- Units: [measured data unit]
- Tensor Type: Scalar

- Go to "Edit Domain" -> "Fluid Details" -> "Additional Variables Details"

- activate Additional Variable
- option "Algebraic Equation"
- Value "<UserFunctionName>(x,y,z)"

- start the calculation or restart the Result-File for one iteration if the simulation is calculated already

As a result you obtain a 3-dimensional field of your Additional Variable which provides the measurement values.

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