Customer is getting the following licensing error when using Parasolid Reader at ICEM CFD 10.0 with service pack:

"C:/Program Files/Ansys Inc/v100/icemcfd/win/bin/pstotin"
"C:/C-Working/Distribution Blower/SC00206 CFD/SC00206008a.x_t"

ICEM CFD - Parasolid Reader 10.0 (Build

Parasolid Kernel Version 17.0 (Build 129)

Copyright (C) 2002-2005 Ansys Inc./ICEM CFD Engineering

Checking for License...Failed.

child process exited abnormally

Tetin file C:/C-WORK~1/DISTRI~1/SC0020~1/SC00206008a.tin does not exist


Why is the user getting this error when he does have a valid rdpara license?

The service pack for ICEM CFD 10.0 has a defect that causes the rdpara license not to work with ICEM CFD. The work-around would be to send the customer a license for ANSYS ICEM CFD Parasolid Reader (aipips) instead.

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