How can I use an equation based 2d profile to do an extrusion in DesignModeler (DM)?

The steps to do this process are as follows:

1. Make the coordinates file per the DesignModeler help. Either an ASCII
text editor or Excel with Save as text option can be used for this step.

2. Start DM and pick Concept > 3D Curve and in the details specify the Definition
to be From Coordinates File and specify the Coordinates File. Generate.

3. Pick Concept > Surfaces from Lines then in the graphic window pick the line, and
then in the Details pick Apply. Generate.

4. Pick tools > Named Selection and expand the parts and bodies branch of the
tree then highlight the Line Body and Apply. Generate.

5. Pick Extrude, for the BaseObject highlight the named selection's name in the
tree and Apply. Pick Direction Vector in the details, Select Model Faces Select
filter in the toolbar, select the surface body in the graphic window and apply.
Specify the depth. Generate.

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