Class 3 Error

The integrated quantity function massFlowAve() can return different values when applied in the CFX-Solver and when used in CFX-Post. The differences can be location and problem dependent.

This is due to an inconsistency in the algorithmic behaviour of the function. In the CFX-Solver, the averaging is applied using local absolute values of mass flows, whilst in CFX-Post the averaging is applied using local signed values. The sign convention for mass flow on boundaries is (-ve) if the flow is leaving the domain and (+ve) if entering. For internal locators generated in CFX-Post, such as planes, the sign convention can be arbitrary.

Note that the function massFlowAveAbs() is available in CFX-Post and reproduces the current behaviour of massFlowAve() in the

There is no workaround.

ANSYS CFX Release 11.0.

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