What does the following error message mean?

*** ERROR ***
Error in symeqn called by dstmak. Please send your data to your ANSYS
Technical Support Provider.

In discussing this error message with Development, they noted that:

"The symeqn.F routine is simply trying to invert a matrix and it is detecting
that the matrix is either singular or nearly singular. The near-singular case
might just be a tolerance issue or perhaps there is a true bug in the matrix
being generated for inversion."

"The dstmak.F routine seems to be used by material property routines. Is
there anything odd about the material properties that you are aware of in
the input file? If not, it might just be a tolerance issue."

After checking the customer's model closer, I noticed that the parameter used
to define the BKIN material model yield stress was never initialized. Therefore,
a value of "TINY" was used, which is set to 7.9E-31 (i.e., 2^(-100)). This near
zero value caused a break-down in the equations. Assigning a yield stress fixed
this particular model and it ran to completion.


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