Why do I receive the following error message when trying to open any agdb files?

Unable to checkout 'Ansys BladeModeler' license:
Product: Ansys blademodeler (feature 'acfx_bldmdlr')

Checkout failed for the above product
Flexlm error message:
No such feature exists

BladeModeler is not required to run DesignModeler unless the user has selected it as the default 'Modeler' license in Tools - Options - Licensing - License Management.

In this case, it appears that the license preference is set to BladeModeler.

This can easily be reset either from the Options link on the StartPage, or from Tools - Options...
It is likely that you either had an early version of WB 10.0 installed where it used BladeModeler first, or the first time you started you only had the BladeModeler license available (i.e. no agppi).

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