How can I use CHKMSH to select unmeshed areas or volumes?

The documentation for the CHKMSH macro does not adequately define
how to use it. I did several tests and the GUI creates 3 components in
the process of using the CHKMSH macro.

The description below applies to areas. Change area to volu for volumes.
A component named _Y is created to preserve the selected set of areas
that was active at the start of the meshing operation. A second component
named _Y1 is created that contains the set of areas which are to be meshed.
The CHKMSH command is then issued with the first argument of 'AREA'.
The contents of the second field must be enclosed in single quotes as it is
being passed into a macro. The CHKMSH macro unselects all meshed areas
that are in _Y1 and creates a component named _Y2 that contains all of the
unmeshed areas in _Y1. At this point only the areas in _Y2 are selected.
Mesh setting commands are then issued by the GUI and then the AMESH,_Y2.

To use the CHKMSH directly, you create a component named _Y1 containing
all of the candidate areas then issue CHKMSH,'AREA' and then the unmeshed
areas of _Y1 are selected and they are also saved in component name _Y2.
If _Y1 is not defined, the CHKMSH command will operate on all defined areas
and it thus ignores any area's select status.

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