Customer installed Platform LSF 6.2 and ANSYS 10.0 SP2 on a WinXP x64 system.
When he tries to launch products through the product launcher, he receives the error dialogue:

Application Error

Error: invalid commands name "lsf_start"

(complete error message is attached to this solution)

What is causing this error message when trying to set up ANSYS with the Platform LSF integration?

Unfortunately, LSF doesn't run on Windows x64 at ANSYS 10.0 version.
It's been put into version 11.0 for the Intel platform, but even at 11.0, it won't work on the Winx64 platform.

Customer's will have to set the ANS_LAUNCH_IGNORELSF environment variable to 1 so that they no longer get the lsf_start error. (It's trying to access LSF libraries, but there's no winx64 library.) This is likely because they have the LSF_ENVDIR set and there is no anslsf.dll for winx64 or win64.

By setting this environment variable (ANS_LAUNCH_IGNORELSF), it won't try to access LSF information.
Setting this environment variable will not affect LSF in any other way (It will continue to work for other products).

Development is trying to get LSF in for version 12.0. If LSF works correctly without problems/complications on a combination of Intel & winx64 machines we can probably put it in for 12.0. (If we encounter problems where we need patches from Platform Computing, then developers may not commit to 12.0.)

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