I am running a very large problem and have many variables saved at every cycle in the history file. After it runs far beyond a certain cycle (e.g., 10,000 cycles), it looks like AUTODYN stops. Why?

Although it looks like AUTODYN has stopped it hasn't really stopped. In this case, AUTODYN is saving the history file because you have a very big history file there. The way to remedy this is either to reduce the number of history variables or increase the increment between each save cycle or time for the history variables, or use both. You can reduce the number of history variables in the Output panel by choosing Select Variables under History. Or you can reduce the size of history file by using Reduce in the History panel to increase the reduction factor. If the above measures still do not help you to improve the computer performance, check the page file size to see how much virtual memory you have. Your computer may not have enough memory to run your calculation.

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