Bulk failure is shown in Material/Status plot for an Euler part even though I didn't specify any failure model. Why?

The failure region you observed in the material status plot is actually void material. In an Euler part, when a material moves out of a cell, this cell is filled with void if no material or only a very small portion (lower than the density cutoff) of material enters into the cell. AUTODYN treats these voids as ""failed"". Generally, these voids originate from the material boundary or the interface between two or more materials. They will propagate into the other cells if the calculation continues. Do we have to use failure models when using the Euler processor in hyper-velocity impact and penetration problems? The answer is no. The Euler processor usually under-predicts the penetration depth when comparing it with experimental results. Using the Euler processor without a specified failure model makes numerical results stiffer and thus more close to the experimental measurements."

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