I ran an explosive detonation problem. What does it mean if ALPHA in the explosive region reaches 1.0?

ALPHA is used to indicate the state of explosives. At cycle zero, AUTODYN calculates the burn time of each cell filled with explosive material. The burn time is stored in ALPHA with a negative sign. You can view a contour plot of ALPHA (burn time) by executing the problem and setting interruption at cycle zero. When time reaches the burn time of an explosive cell, the cell starts to burn and ALPHA is used to store the burn fraction of the explosive, which is a positive number. The burn fraction is the ratio of the time that a cell has already burned and the time to burn the cell completely. ALPHA ranges from zero (starts burning) to one (complete burn). The burn fraction of explosive can be checked by viewing a contour plot of ALPHA. When ALPHA = 1.0, the explosive cell has been completely detonated. All of its internal energy has been completely released and turns into kinetic energy (high velocity) and potential energy (high pressure).

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