I encountered a problem remapping the results of a 1D wedge simulation of HE detonation onto a 2D Euler-FCT axial-symmetry part. There were no errors during the remapping process. However upon executing the problem, AUTODYN 2D terminates abruptly with the following error message: ""Negative density or pressure in SETFCT"". Why? "

Euler-FCT is a single material processor and only a material with an ideal-gas EOS can be mapped into an Euler-FCT part. If the explosive in the 1D calculation has enough expansion and an ideal-gas EOS has replaced its JWL EOS, the 1D results can be remapped into 2D Euler-FCT without any problem. Otherwise, it will cause a ""negative density"" error due to the mismatch between air density and the density of material being filled. You can go to the PARTS panel and press the SOLVER button, change the processor type from ""Euler-FCT"" to ""Euler"", remap the 1D results again, then you should be able to run the 2D problem."

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