How to deal with ""Error reading history file"" message."

AUTODYN will not read/write the history file if you do not have any gauge points in the model. Please make sure you have not deleted a cell where a gauge point is located. Also, make sure you have sufficient space on your hard disk and in the temp directory. The history file is written in the temp directory first then copied to the *.his file. The size of the temp file and *.his file increases when the calculation has run many cycles, so it may be that the temp directory doesn't have enough space to store the file and is creating the error. If you don't have a gauge point defined in the model, AUTODYN also shows the message ""error reading history file"" or if the summary file ""ident.sum"" is corrupted for some reasons. What you need to do is just delete the file ""ident.sum"" and ""ident.his"" (if it exists). Then you should be able to continue the calculation again by creating a new "".his"" and "".sum"" file."

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