What conditions lead to a message of finer mesh required near center line for elements n?

I talked with the developer that coded the `finer mesh required` message and ran some test cases. The check is only done for non-structural axisymmetric element types that do not have mid-side nodes. For each element, an average radius is calculated and then the checking loops through each edge of the element. If either edge end point is less than 0.00001 times the average radius then that edge is considered ok. The X coordinates of each end point are then checked using the following formula (where Xi and Xj are the X coordinates of the two edge ends):

(Xi+Xj)>2.8*abs(Xi-Xj) and if it is true then there is no message. The main reason for this check is that for axisymmetric models with a hole at the center, elements of the listed types that have a large change in radius (x values) were observed to perform poorly. The check is to provide a warning for that case. An example case is if the model has a 0.1 unit radius hole at the center then for a quadrilateral element, the maximum outer radius is just over 0.21. Then second radial element can be from 0.21 to just over 0.44. The message can also appear for the case of a model with no hole if the second row or higher has a large change in radius as defined by the above equation.

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