The ANSYS 10.0 interface to FiberSIM does not appear to give the correct
results. Is the composite material data being handled correctly?

No, Defects 51425 and 51487 were filed to correct the data format.

Defect 51425 dealt mostly with graphical displays showing the wrong
layer orientations. This defect was fixed in the UP20060828 build of
ANSYS 11.0. The /PSYMB,ESYS,1 and /PSYMB,LAYR,N commands now
should behave correctly for SHELL181 and SHELL281, which were getting
confused by the real constant input specified for SHELL99 elements in
the same test model. SHELL99 and SOLSH190 elements appear to
have already been OK as far as the plot symbols were concerned.

Defect 51487 spawned Class 3 Error 2006-15. This error is shown below.
It was corrected by the UP20060912 build of ANSYS 11.0. Essentially,
the warp angle from the FiberSIM .XML file was measured in the wrong
direction from the facet I-J direction. Further, the element's ESYS value
was not even considered, so the orientation angle was rarely generated
correctly. The errors involved SHELL99, SHELL181, SOLSH190, and SHELL281.

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ANSYS Class3 Error Report

ERROR NO: 2006-15

FiberSIM-ANSYS Interface

Description of Error:
The ANSYS results using the FiberSIM-ANSYS Interface are incorrect because of the following
errors in the calculation of the angle between the element orientation and the FiberSIM facet
orientation (i.e., the line connecting the first two points of the triangle):

The element orientation considers only element geometry, such as side I-J for the element
X-axis. The element coordinate system (i.e. ESYS) is not considered. The computed angle
has the incorrect sign.

Typical GUI Path(s):

Other Comments:

First Incorrect Version:
Release 10.0

Corrected In:
Release 11.0

Suggested User Action For Running on Uncorrected Version:

Author Signature: Peter Kohnke 9/21/2006 17:22
Reviewed By QA: William J. Bryan 9/26/2006 11:11
Approval: Joe Solecki 9/22/2006 16:27


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